Luisa Beccaria wedding world is a full experience into the dreamy design concept of Luisa and Lucilla. Online and in our Milan atelier, you will find not only fairy-tale gowns, but also a wide range of wedding accessories from head to toe. Create your own full bridal look complementing the wedding dress with veil, head accessories, wedding bijoux, bolero blazers, matching shoes.
Wedding accessories will help you to make your vision come true. An hairband or a tiara can completely change the spirit of a wedding dress, just as the light of a summer sunset creates unique hues on the white wall of a Mediterranean village.

The veil

The veil is certainly the most iconic and representative wedding accessory. Actually it is not even an accessory but rather a symbol and a piece of art. Luisa Beccaria bridal world offers the bride different fabrics, shapes, lengths and aesthetics for the wedding veil, to match every mood and gown. You can even choose a vintage veil — maybe that of your mother or grandmother: our skilled seamstresses will make all the necessary adjustments.

Veil tradition

The veil — known as blusher veil, cathedral-length veil, bride veil and wedding veil, depending also from the silhouettes and dimensions— is the symbol of purity, modesty and demureness. In the past, it was worn by the bride to protect her from evil until she was facing the groom, just after walking the aisle. Even before the widespread use of the white dress as wedding dress, the veil was already the bride’s attire synecdoche.

Veil: yes or no?

The veil, just as any wedding tradition, is not mandatory. The bride is the only person who determines the mood and the style of her wedding; her wishes — your wishes — are the only law. If you don’t like the veil, or you think it doesn’t fit your image, you can easily avoid it. Instead of a veil, you can wear a tiara, one or more hairpins, a hat, an immaculate flower, golden wheat spikes or simply nothing.

A love wedding: the veil matching the gown

Luisa Beccaria stylists can help you choosing the kind of veil which seamlessly matches your wedding gown. The length, the shape, the details should harmonize both with your desires and the overall look. Coordinated laces or embroideries, colour twists and the best length-transparency rate are all characteristics to be carefully looked after in order to enhance your beauty and the wedding dress features.

Lightness: veil fabrics

Luisa Beccaria bridal atelier employs different fabrics in the wedding veil making: tulle, chiffon, organza, often complemented by laces and embroideries. Veil fabrics are chosen depending on the wedding gown and your wishes, all carefully hand-made and realized to bring lightness and impalpable grace.

Hair accessories

With or without a veil, you can choose several hair accessories for wedding, from the more magnificent to the tiniest and tender ones. Hairpins, tiaras, crowns, hairbands will complete your wedding look and complement any hairstyle.

Tiaras and crowns

When fairytale comes real and you don’t dress like a princess: you feel and you are a princess. A wedding tiara, or a wedding crown, can be a very important accessory to complement any bridal look. Subtle and delicate, or decadent and impressive, Luisa Beccaria tiaras can be easily worn with or without a veil, resembling nature shapes like flowers and branches, or more abstract motifs.

Hairpins and hair brooches

Jeweled hairpins, fashionable ones, large hair brooches like flowers in the hair. Hair accessories are not just a functional element for your wedding hairstyle, they are a poetic statement on your head for your special day. You can choose the one matching your mood and the overall attire with Luisa Beccaria stylists, or even create bespoke solutions with our designers with our brand fabrics.


For a Renaissance inspired look, a whimsical touch or just because you love it: a Luisa Beccaria hairband can become an ally while creating your wedding hairstyle. Our wedding atelier creates georgette, silk, velvet and lurex hairbands to match your desires and the mood you chose for your special day. We can also create a bespoke hairband matching the fabric with that of the wedding gown.

Bolero blazers

To complement any look, for the wedding ceremony as well as for the party, a bolero blazer, a cache coeur or a shrug is the perfect match for any wedding dress. Made with pairing fine fabrics, with a more light or important structure, any Luisa Beccaria bolero blazer is never obvious and our stylists are always there for you to choose the one which better coordinates with your mood and style.
Made of crepe or taffeta; impalpable and slightly sexy with precious laces; majestic as a golden embroidery; cheerful and graceful as a country little flower of organza: Luisa Beccaria offers several ready to wear bolero blazers and jackets, whilst you ha the opportunity to make your own personal design with artistic direction of our designers Luisa and Lucilla, for a bespoke haute couture wedding look.

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