Every and each Luisa Beccaria wedding dress is made according to genuine Made in Italy handmade tradition and pure imagination. Even the smallest detail is carefully arranged in order to give you a truly bespoke experience, making you proud, dreamy and confident on your special, fairy-tale day.

The process of making a wedding dress is formed by multiple steps, artisans, passions, skills: your wedding dress, in fact, is the result of the unique combination of research, creativity and craftsmanship. From design to last sewing details, a Luisa Beccaria wedding gown embodies the whimsical yet simple spirit of a real dreamer.


The idea, the one of our designers Luisa and Lucilla ( for the Couture dresses ) or the unique combination of your desires with Luisa Beccaria style: the design is always the first step, from the concept till the drawing, giving shape to the imagination throughout lines, shapes and colours. A moony landscape, a basket of vivid vegetables, a small flower, a romantic picture as well as a lovely song: anything can be the starting point to create a bespoke dress.


High-quality and bespoke fabrics are the signature of a good wedding dress, either more minimal or flamboyant. The fabric selection and mixing is a crucial stage of wedding gown creation. Tulle, satin, silk, chiffon, organza, georgette, linen, crepe, cotton, impalpable or more riche textures, plain or with prints and patterns: a fabric for any style and wedding mood, carefully chosen to meet your dream and give design its shape.

Paper pattern

Each original sketch is made into a paper pattern by the expert hand of our designers. This is a completely artisanal process, which allows the drawings to become tangible guidelines for the fabrics to be cut and then sewed. The paper pattern is the joining link between the idea and the making of your wedding dress.

Sewing and dress creation

Luisa Beccaria wedding gowns are made according to ancestral craftsmanship techniques and nowadays technologies, with a special attention for green solutions and the environment. The whole creation of the dresses is made directly into our atelier, in the heart of Milan — Brera Design District.

Buttons and details

“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail”. This is why Luisa Beccaria wedding gowns are made with the best attention to details, so that your dream day comes true. The meticulous fabric covering of buttons, the seamless hem sewing, the impeccable linings: even the smallest and hidden parts of the dress are made as if they were the focus of the entire look, just as the bride is the core of the ceremony and party.

Laces and embroideries

Luxurious laces and fine embroideries have often an important role into wedding dress design. The very high artisanal profile of both — which requires expertise, sensitivity, craftiness and long manufacturing times — makes them a true gem for any wedding gown. Luisa Beccaria employs only true Made in Italy and high-quality laces and embroideries, to enlighten the shapes and enhance the overall look. Choose with our designers your favorite broderie anglaise, Macramé, Valenciennes, Rebrodè lace, embroideries and over- embroideries.


The fitting process is essential for a perfect wedding dress: from the first appointment till the last — just before your special day — Luisa Beccaria seamstresses and stylists will help you both by perfecting all the details and making your dress truly yours. Fittings are also the occasion to choose the accessories, to try different styling solutions and create that bespoke and unique look which will be the landmark of your wedding.

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