The organic processing ante litteram, raw material of excellence, liquid texture, twilight shades and the Beccaria’s signature prints


Milan, September 3, 2021. Luisa Beccaria presents her first designed majolica line, Made in Sicily, during the Design Week 2021.

This collection of ceramic floor and wall tiles – projected with bucolic inspiration –reflects all the designer’s love for Sicily and for her favourite residence: the Castelluccio estate, a magical place surrounded by acres of olive and almond trees near Ragusa.

These ceramics are composed of Etna’s lapilli, minerals and pure glasses, and were conceived using an ancient formula for lead-free enamel painting. Moreover, craquele, liquid texture juxtapose the solidity of the briquettes, produced in ancient wood molds. The usage of such rare and refined raw materials contrasts the rough finishes. In addition, the Sicilian bisque, obtained from quarry clay lava (unique to the Etna volcano) makes the majolica even more coveted and exclusive:  Reproducing the tiles outside the island would be impossible.

The ceramics are created using organic processing made ante litteram, and the process requires great skills. It’s all about a mix of tradition and innovation: After the glazing, each tile is batched at 750° C for 24 consecutive hours. For those in 24-carat gold, the process is even more gentle, and the material is applied with sterile paintbrushes because a single drop of water could compromise the entire process.

The chromatic palette, characterized by the gold and neutral mother-of-pearl surfaces, light blue, blue and turquoise sees summer seas fade into the musk of woods.

On the vitrified surfaces of the majolica the first and the last sun rays will sparkle. There are also the “vele” tiles, characteristic of Sicilian terraces. Tiles decorated with the Beccaria signature will be available, but so will many others on request!

Our flowers, dresses and color palette are translated into these hand decorated ceramics. The craftsmen are directed by Maurizio Scianna – who graduated at Accademia di Belle Arti in Palermo. This expansion of the Beccaria’s iconic universe and the brand’s homeware, with its crystals, porcelains and textile collection will come into everyone’s heart.