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It’s a Family Affair – Vogue Uk

For Luisa Beccaria the process of her eldest daughter joining her at work was more embryotic. She was pregnant with Lucilla as she fought hard to keep her family in Milan, as opposed to the more traditional Sicily where her husband's roots lay, so that she could continue her eponymous line and Lucilla, she says, understood her mother's passion from day one as a result. "When I was waiting for Lucilla to arrive, I was already involved in this world, and she literally sucked it from me. All the others did too, of course, but with her it was much stronger because she arrived immediately after my wedding when I wasn't completely comfortable with the Sicilian world," she explains. "I was very young and I was determined and full of passion, but at the same time I was very frightened because I had gotten married to a man that I loved very much but his world was a completely different reality to fit in with. He wasn't in fashion or a businessman, he couldn't help me with what I needed to do because he was involved in agriculture. So Lucilla followed my life step-by-step, not only my sentimental life and my marriage, but also my career. She started sucking this with her milk."

"I was telling myself, two things might happen," continues Luisa of Lucilla's trajectory. "Either she is going to hate this, because it was something that took her mother's passion away, or love it because it was a part of her. Sometimes you reject a part of yourself and you become the opposite, she might have ended up dressed in black covered with tattoos, this can happen with your children because it is a reaction!"