Spring Summer 2016

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Picture the rarefied atmosphere that dawn’s light brings to the lush sensuality of a lilac field in spring. This image evokes the creative elegance of an Alma Tadema painting with a languid prairie-chic spirit; the two intertwine with one another for the Spring Summer 2016 Luisa Beccaria collection. Celebrating sophisticated beauty with nature and inspired by folk repertoire, the designs are reimagined for the contemporary woman who is proud and confident of her unassailable femininity. This collection takes the flower and explores its many species. The carnation saturates light cotton pieces for day whilst the tulip is embroidered onto silk georgette. Roses and violets are either printed on organza jacquard skirts and blouses or adorn delicate printed Sangallo. Petals embellish ribbons, belts and dresses. Pleats slice into fragments of summer hues amongst the unmissable embroideries of cornflower motifs. Flowers blossom into three-dimensional shapes of chiffon and lace applique, enriching graceful evening dresses that glisten with dusk’s final rays of warm sunshine. Ethereal dresses are cut at the empire line in soft shapes with details reflective of folk tradition highlighting the décolletage. This silhouette harks back to the fresh elegance of free-spirited muses from the 70’s; Marisa, Talita and Joni. The palette explores pink to periwinkle shades and the infinite tonality of flower petals. Rose pink; lilac; mauve; cornflower and violet – all originate from the bold shades of the cyclamen rose and the deep blue iris. Among the accessories; wide brim straw hats are fastened with floral scarves; bangles, headbands and brooches feature enamel flowers taken from the collection’s prints and suede pointed ankle-strap shoes complement in soft pastel and metallic shades.