Fall Winter 2015/2016

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Feminine and determined; dreamlike and concrete; lost in the beauty of modern geometrics and the patterns of nature. The Luisa Beccaria Fall - Winter 2015/2016 collection is a search for harmony in contradiction and the integration between form and matter. For day, typical menswear fabrics – such as loden, houndstooth and vicuna wool – become exquisite with intricate embroidery and three-dimensional leaves and petals. Soft blouses and dresses are sketched with graphic prints like a city skyline or an enchanted forest. The ornate organza fil coupé dress is worn with matching Vichy-striped tweed. The lines open out into botanical patterns dramatically embroidered onto velvet dresses and soft-cut fitted flared skirts. Even the flower – the emblem of the fashion house – blossoms into a more geometric design on prom dresses and delicate chemises wraps, paired with tweed jackets and coats trimmed with suede. The style translates into almost abstract compositions with the fluid drapes giving dynamism to the entire collection. When night falls, the Luisa Beccaria woman lights up the night, evolving into a modern-day Cinderella. Sometimes she is dressed boldly in ruche of a thousand shades; sometimes she is more sensual and fitted, and always romantic. The floor-length fur trim golden coat worn with a satin number in powder pink is made for the Metropolitan Snow Queen. The colour palette runs through different shades of blue; from midnight to teal, with bursts of forest green, charcoal grey and cream. The main colours for evening are rose pink and gold. Among the accessories, charming ankle-strap pumps with metallic detailing and long lace-up boots; small jewelled bags and unique berets for the evening, made precious with architectural brooches and delicate embroidery.